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I went to my parents’ lake lot at Fork Lake this weekend, three hours north of Edmonton. There are many old, abandoned farm buildings falling apart on the way up. We always pass one barn that I’m sure has been photographed hundreds of times. But I’ve taken many photos of it anyways, and I think yesterday’s is my favourite so far.

It’s in the middle of a field of wheat. I’d like to get closer to the barn, but I don’t want to trespass over someone’s field.

Here’s a photo of a waxwing jumping off a tree.

The sky’s a lot clearer outside of the light and air pollution of the city, making it great for astrophotography. I decided to give it a shot without much planning.

They didn’t turn out that great because it was late at night, I was freezing, and I didn’t have my best tripod with me. I’m going to have to read up on how people get those crazy colourful nebula shots. As usual, the northern lights also came out, but they weren’t strong enough to shoot.

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