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Phong Luu arrived in Edmonton 32 years ago from Vietnam. After taking its reigns, he moved the family business, Kim Fat Market Ltd, from 97 to 99 street in 2009. Instead of moving out of Chinatown, Luu kept the market where it started in order to give back to the community. You can read more about Luu and the impediments to Edmonton Chinatown’s growth in the excellent story The Wall: What’s stopping Chinatown’s revitalization?┬áby Richard Catangay-Liew.

In April, I had the opportunity to go along for the story to take photos of Luu at work in the back of the supermarket. Luu and his co-worker carved with skill and precision, slicing through tissue and fat to create great cuts of meat. If you’ve eaten out in Edmonton, it’s likely that some of the meat came from the Kim Fat Market. The following photos capture a glimpse into the day of a local Edmonton butcher shop.

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