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After being ruled by the British for 150 years, Hong Kong has developed it’s own culture, distinct from the rest of China. Although it’s been part of China since the handover in 1997, Hong Kong still retains its own character.

I travelled to Hong Kong in 2015 from May 2 to May 8, then again from June 12 to June 28. These are my favourite 28 photos from the near-2000 that I took.

Rental ads cover the door of a closed storefront. Living space is limited in Hong Kong, leading to inflated housing prices.

A man pushes a cart of fruit to the fruit and vegetable market. The number of markets in Hong Kong is shrinking, while the number of American fast food chain restaurants grows.

Hong Kong is extremely humid, making air conditioning a necessity.

Hong Kong is part island, part coastal city. Fresh fish is everywhere.

Hong Kong has one of the best transit systems in the world. With a state-of-the-art subway, publicly-owned double-decker buses, privately-owned mini-buses, great pedestrian infrastructure, and an antique but well-maintained tram system in Central, there aren’t many reasons for the average person to own a car.

Temple Street has one of the last remaining night markets in Hong Kong.

China’s political system was originally based on Communism, while Hong Kong is one of the most capitalist places on earth. Many Chinese citizens are just now getting exposed to the lifestyle that people from Hong Kong are used to, leading to culture clashes between those that have lived there all their lives and those visiting from the mainland. This has led to increased conflicts between the country and its Special Administrative Region, with the biggest being the Umbrella Movement.

Hong Kong isn’t just a massive, urban city-state. It also has many islands, natural parks, beaches, and even some small mountains.

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